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Premium quality, handcrafted juice featuring TFN™ Synthetic Nicotine, made just for you at a 70:30 VG:PG ratio!

snowflake-icon-3.jpg  = just a hint of mint

snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg  = there's definitely mint/menthol in this one

snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg  = colder than an Alaskan winter


Coval Inspired Flavors:

Pearberry - Tart pear on the inhale mellowed by a cool honeydew and notes of strawberry throughout make for a delicious all day vape.

Strawberry Creamcake - A decadent strawberry cupcake with coconut cream cheese icing.

Churro - The perfect vape to satisfy any sweet tooth! Sweet cinnamon and pastry come together for a satisfying Spanish donut flavor.

Flavor Descriptions:

Aloha - a Hawaiian blend of passionfruit, dragonfruit, sweet tangerines, juicy oranges, and sweet guava

Apple Butter - sweet and tart apples, perfectly blended with savory, comforting spices

Bavariano - a mild honey tobacco with subtle creamy notes

Bedrock Reserve - a marshmallow treat bar made with your favorite multicolor cereal of the rockular variety

Blackberry Lemonade - What's black, blue, red, berry filled, and chill? This ice cold, fruity lemonade! snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Blemonade - A fresh squeezed blueberry and strawberry tangy lemonade

Blitz - vanilla ice cream smoothie with crunchy chunks of butterscotch

Breakfast Club - A fresh waffle-like cake smothered in sweet maple syrup

Bwaffles - freshly baked, blueberry infused Belgian waffles, topped with blueberry syrup

Choconut Shake - An absolute tropical delight to your taste buds, toasted coconut, milk chocolate and ice cream

Coconutty Buddy - a creamy, sweet coconut blend, that just wants to be your friend!

Cold Snap - With a snap, a cool, crisp tobacco reminiscent of late nights and long drives.

Cosmic Milk - A delightful mix of graham crackers, cream and honey that will wisp you away to the cosmos

Creme du Strawnanners - Strawberry and banana custard, frenchy sounding.

Dairy Berry - a tart yogurt blended in a swirling slurry of mixed berries that are oh so tasty!

Dragon's Blood - a mix of rich dragonfruit, sweet strawberries, and cream, forged from the heart of dragons.

Fatty Cakes - A blend of funnel cake, ice cream, angle food cake and vanilla icing. *heavy breathing*

Fire and Ice - its hot, and its cold! Cinnamon and menthol will tantalize your tastebuds! snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Fluffy Nuts - The rich banana, caramel s'more that calls to you with every inhale!

The French Connection - the Frenchiest of toasts

Fritz - the best apple fritter for the best kind of people

Fuji - a blend of Fuji apples, peaches, and strawberries with a twist of minty goodness snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Fuze - a fusion of strawberries and peaches; a ticking time bomb of flavor!

Fuzz - a tangy blend of pineapple and peach

Godmother - Melons. Lots of melons.

The Grape Gatsby - ice cold grapes, with a hint of mystery snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Grape Them Apples - an apple flavor so tasty, it might grape you in the mouth

Grrreat Flakes - Tony's got nothin' on these...

Guava Lime - A tropical blend of sweet guavas, fresh limes and dragon fruit

Hazelnut Delight - an international hazelnut coffee blend that is certain to delight

Hibiscus Mint Tea - cool, crisp, refreshing hibiscus mint tea snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Jack Frost - So cold it'll make your teeth hurt snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

J. Buffet - get caught in the rain with this delicious blend of coconut, juicy pineapple, and Jamaican rum

Kasparov - A dark, nutty caramel blend.

Lemon Sours - A lip puckering blend of juicy lemons, fresh limes, vanilla custard and pound cake.

Little League - a delicious grape chew that almost made it to the big leagues

Magma Flow - a sweet and rich mixture of strawberries, refreshing coconut, and tangy pineapple

Melonie - a trifecta of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya creates a refreshing tropical blend

Menthol - a hefty dose of just menthol snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Monster Cookies - A blend of chocolate chip cookies and cream that even that even a blue monster would enjoy.

Mr. Kreese - A tropical blend featuring papaya with a splash of plum.

Nanners - going bananas! .... and cream

Nillionaire - a new take on an old classic; your new favorite vanilla custard

Noops - A rendition of the classic menthol from new areas often referred to as ports.

Nuckin' Futs - a creamy blend of buttered pecan and hazelnut

P. Nanners Esq. - a distinguished peanut butter and banana blend, for distinguished peanut butter and banana connoisseurs

PB Fingers - Peanut butter fingers are lip smacking chocolaty goodness

Peaches 'n' Cream - a rich, creamy blend of vanilla custard, whipped cream, and fresh peaches

Peppermint - minty fresh, reminiscent of soft, puffy wedding mints snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Pink Lemonade - fresh squeezed, just like at the county fair!

Pucker Up - sour but sweet green apple candy that will leave you jolly

Purple Nurple - a fresh pomegranate, blueberry blend

Rabbit Punch - This mild, fruity blend featuring strawberry and dragonfruit an excellent adv.

Rad Chew - a radical blend of gnarly kiwis and strawberry bubble gum

Rainbow Chew - A rendition of your favorite childhood zebra stripped gum of various fruity flavors

Red Fish - a candied fish of the Swedish variety that Dr. Seuss himself wrote about

Royal Blue - A smooth blueberry cheesecake with a hint of graham cracker crust

Scotch Cake - a butterscotch-infused vanilla cupcake with extra scotchy goodness

Scottish Shortbread - buttery, crisp, and mildly sweet; just like Nana used to make

Shawt Cake - Decadent, buttery strawberry shortcake. Lip smacking good.

Stachio - A light nutty pistachio blend with hints of tobacco and caramel.

Strawberry Cosmonaut - a tasty blend of strawberries and apricot

Strawberry Shake - we don't know how many boys it'll bring to the yard, but its pretty thick

Strawnanner Shake - A sweet and ripe strawberry and banana shake, oh so delicious!

Sugar Rush - sour and sweet candy, reminiscent of a patch of sour watermelons

Tangerine Dream - summertime mix of sweet tangerines, succulent pomegranates, and juicy papaya

Tarte au Citron - a French sounding, mouthwatering, lemon meringue pie with a graham cracker crust

Thai Surprise - A delicate vanilla bean ice cream topped with caramel and coconut flakes

That's My Jam - jam out to this delicious strawberry topping, on lightly buttered toast

Tiger's Blood - the finest poached Siberian tigers, blended with strawberries, coconuts, and watermelon (no actual tigers were used in this juice)

Toucan Jam - Tastes very much like multicolored cereal of the circular variety

Trashcan Punch - icy cold watermelon punch, fresh from the trash can; best vaped with a healthy side of vodka snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Union Steele - a smooth, classic tobacco taste to soothe your palate after a long week of work

Whoajito - this authentic drink flavor requires fresh, quality ingredients, inspiration, and a party mood snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Winter Wonderland - a white chocolate peppermint bark that is very yorky and patty-like snowflake-icon-3.jpg snowflake-icon-3.jpg 

Yellow Cake - a soft, fluffy cake that is rich and smooth, but isn't actually yellow

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    Tigers blood

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 6th 2021


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    Cold Snap

    Posted by FRANK SALAZAR on Dec 11th 2020

    I get this for my wife who loves this flavor. It's one of her favorites!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 5th 2020

    The best quality as always.

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    Recent juice order

    Posted by Camille Melhado on Aug 31st 2020

    I really love this Aloha flavor.